Adsense 2020 Compatible WordPress Themes

One of the most important ways to earn regular income on the internet is by posting ads on your website. In this revenue model, you open your site in the area you want and display ads to your visitors. We say “you work” because if you don’t have a proper ad placement theme, your monetization efforts won’t produce results even if your site is very high quality.

WordPress. One of the most popular networks that you can use to advertise your site is Google Adsense. If your Web site has certain statistics, it will be considered a Google Adsense publisher.

As you can see from the explanation above, the quality of the content is just as important as where the ads appear on your site. In fact, this problem is like a knife with both edges. If you exaggerate the number of ads or force users to click, and the company you are advertising with Google advertising If it is a company it would be like; Closing your publisher account is unlikely, it’s safe. Because serious advertising projects like Adsense impose extremely strict penalties against such manipulations.

If you manage a WordPress-based site like millions of publishers around the world, we can say that your job is relatively easy. Themes, also known as “Adsense theme”, coded by many theme developers, will come to your rescue. The common purpose of these themes; Do not violate Google Adsense policies by posting ads in clickable locations..

If you’ve read hundreds of user comments on the Internet, asked dozens of questions on the forums, and tried a considerable number of themes and layouts on your site, you still haven’t been successful; We can say that you have read the correct article. Now in the headlines for you; both of them Google ad serving policiesIt will ensure that it does not infringe and will generate the maximum amount of advertising revenue from your site. Adsense Compatible WordPress Themes we will recommend it.

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WordPress Truemag theme

The first theme we will recommend is WordPress Truemag called “Ahack for dsenseIt is a subject that we can call. This interface, which is among the favorite products of many renowned theme sales sites, especially ThemeForest; maybe more than ten thousand Adsense publishers use it.

The most important feature of Truemag is that it optimizes the ad to be served according to the device used by the visitor browsing your site and displays it in the most likely way to click; It is also a suitable subject for Adsense policies. It is also an advantage that it allows you to do a lot of arrangements in the admin panel without the need for any code knowledge. The theme is also compatible with the WooCommerce plugin; If you want, you can also sell the products and services that you promote on the site.

Truemag is currently priced at $ 58; site with quality content and “OFF PAGE SEO”It is one of the issues that publishers work with. If you’re unhappy with your ad impression / ad click-through rate, you should definitely give Truemag a try.

Trumag demo

MagPlus WordPress Theme

Another topic where you can increase your Google Adsense income is the topic called MagPlus. The biggest advantage that makes this theme special is that it allows you to display ads on AMP pages.

Also, when you buy a MagPlus theme, you have over forty different layouts that you can use across different industries. Of course, this does not mean that you can use MagPlus on forty different sites in one language. But from the news blog to the food site; that means you can create a professional website in many different fields.

Since a lot of details are included in the admin panel, it can take some getting used to at first. But after a short experience you will realize that it is not as complicated as it seems.

If you plan to make a serious effort on your site and think big; We want you to know that MagPlus is at a level that can meet your expectations. If you buy this theme, you will receive seven Premium Add-ons and enjoy free lifetime updates. You can access the demo pages for all MagPlus themes from the link below.

MagPlus demo

WordPress Planer Theme

If you want the content and the ad to display as a whole, you can choose Planer.

Apart from its success in ad placement, its different feature from other Adsense compatible WordPress themes is; Provides unlimited freedom to create your content. For example; While publishing your sports posts in a different format, you can create your tech posts in a completely different format. In this way, you can increase clicks on your ads by giving your visitors different user experiences on the same site.

Let’s dig a little deeper into the previous explanation. User accustomed to the transmission format of a website; After a short time, you do not inadvertently click on the ad by unconsciously scratching the ad slots. Ads don’t even matter. For example, if a friend whose mustache does not match the mustache, it will seem strange for a while, but then you will get used to it. You may not even be aware that your mustache is still growing. But imagine that your same friend could walk with a mustache one day and without a mustache one day. If such a thing is possible, make sure it has caught your attention.

To sum up; In fact, the main reason your site visitors don’t click on your ads is that they don’t notice your ads. Planer’s software developers realized this situation and developed the technique of “changing the transmission format according to the content”. In this way, the ads you post on your site become more noticeable.

Planer Demo

WordPress Ad-Sense Theme

The biggest enemy of ad publishers is Ad Blocker and similar ad-hiding software. Visitors using this software; They come to your site, get the information you need, consume your traffic, but they give you nothing in return.

If it says “who does not want to see my ads should not enter my site”, the WordPress Ad-Sense theme will do the trick. We just have to say that; If visitors aren’t dying to see your site’s content, Ad Blocker can cause you to lose search engine rankings. For this reason, we recommend that you do not enable the Ad Blocker feature if you are using this theme.

The Ad-Sense theme has two other characteristics that distinguish it from other themes. The first is that the topic is very fast. you are using lodging If there are no anomalies in your visitor’s internet speed and service, the fastest Adsense theme you can use is Ad-Sense.

The second important feature that makes the theme different is that you can manage the display of the ad at many points (including the header part) from the theme admin panel. You can review the different Ad-Sense layouts you can use at the link below.

Ad-Sense Demo

WordPress NewsPaper 8 Theme

If you intend to make money from Google Adsense by publishing a news site or magazine online, the NewsPaper 8 theme may work for you. The most beautiful feature of the theme is that it allows you to add advertisements within articles. However, we must inform you immediately that if you use this feature too much, your Adsense account may be suspended due to violation of Google Adsense policies.

NewsPaper 8, which is easy to use and has many in-topic ad serving options, is therefore SEO friendly. Also, NewsPaper 8 lets you choose from different layouts, just like the MagPlus theme. Now you can get a professional looking news site or news blog in any area you want with 79 different options.

NewsPaper 8 Demo

WordPress REHub theme

In fact, it is possible to write an encyclopedia full of articles on this topic. Because REHub is not just an Adsense topic. If you use this theme correctly, you can have a virtual money machine.

First of all, the logic of this topic is that people interested in a certain product or group of services create a social platform. Thus, the theme holds a community together, much like a social networking site, and allows that community to trade with each other.

Users can open stores or list and sell products with market logic. In addition, they can communicate within the rules that you establish within the site.

If you can implement a correct project for the REHub theme; You can earn income from advertising displays, product sales, commissions from your members’ trade with each other, and in many ways that didn’t occur to you.

The number of sites you can create with the REHub theme is limited by your imagination. With this theme, you can implement any type of project, from a travel portal like TripAdvisor to a marketplace site like n11.

You can see the REHub topics currently live by visiting the link below.

REHub demo

In fact, there are hundreds of topics under the name “Adsense topic” on the market. However, in this article, we have explained the themes that have been tested by thousands of people and have really achieved results. As we near the end of our article, we would like to briefly explain what you should pay attention to before purchasing any item.

What should I consider when buying a WordPress theme?

  1. Absolutely null, crack, warez, full Don’t use paid themes distributed for free for your sites. When you wake up one morning, all the content on your site and the backups you have made may disappear. The most common way for hackers, known as “hackers”, to hijack your site and your computer; publish unlicensed software.
  2. When buying a theme, make sure to buy from reputable and trustworthy sites / companies. Although the theme you bought works great now, it needs to be constantly updated to keep up with technology 1 year later.
  3. Choose topics from companies that provide 24/7 ticket support in case of a potential technical issue with your topic. If you have an issue related to a topic on days when visitor traffic is heavy, you are likely to lose revenue if you don’t have a contact person to contact.
  4. It is normal for themes to need certain plugins while they are running. But if the number of plugins is above the acceptable numbers, your site will consume more resources. For this reason, choose themes that require the fewest plugins. Ensure integration of all plugins that can be integrated into your theme. For example, the best way to publish your WhatsApp number on your site is to add your WhatsApp number to the footer with a code.

Now that you’ve finished this article, your ideas on the topic that your WordPress site is closest to making money with are ripe. You can get different information about the web by continuing to review the other articles on our site. We wish you good earnings.

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