Create your website with Magento


The Magento content management system is an allied tool for e-commerce, as it is an open source CMS. This platform allows the construction of a website adapted to the needs of the developer. In addition, it makes it easy for people to have complete control over all the functions of the sales channel. In addition, … Read more

What is a Backend for?


Websites are like an iceberg. There is a visible part which is the interface that you interact with (Frontend), but there is another part that is not visible. And this is the elusive and mystical “Backend”. The developers of this unseen part are responsible for the inner workings of the web applications to be built … Read more

What’s a front-end?


Probably when you walk down the streets, the first thing you see are the glittering, eye-catching shop fronts, created to lure you inside. You choose the most attractive one, open the door and step inside. The same thing happens on the web. As you browse the Internet for the things you need, you come across … Read more

Free WordPress themes


For WordPress, the world’s most widely used CMS content management system; Perhaps millions of developers around the world are designing dozens of new themes every day and presenting them to webmasters. Searching for a free WordPress theme on the Internet for hours and not finding something useful has happened to almost every webmaster. Sites that … Read more

Adsense 2020 Compatible WordPress Themes


One of the most important ways to earn regular income on the internet is by posting ads on your website. In this revenue model, you open your site in the area you want and display ads to your visitors. We say “you work” because if you don’t have a proper ad placement theme, your monetization … Read more

What is a Personal Blog? Who Can Start a Blog?


No one would have thought that the internet could be an important part of marketing, but it did. Likewise, no one could have imagined that the internet would be used as a means of expressing thoughts, but that also happened. In fact, personal blogs have become the most effective means of communicating thoughts. Over time it has evolved to be … Read more

Woocommerce vs. Shopify: Which Should I Choose?


If you are planning to open an e-commerce store, ask ‘How should I choose between WooCommerce vs Shopify?’ The question may force you a little. Because, considering the numbers of these two e-commerce platforms, it is not an exaggeration to say that they are the two most popular e-commerce platforms in the world. That’s why you need to consider … Read more

Drupal vs WordPress: Which one should I choose?


WordPress vs. Drupal or Drupal vs WordPress.What is better? There is a rumour that Drupal is complex and difficult to understand. People often compare Drupal to WordPress, which is quite easy to use because they think Drupal is difficult to use. It’s not just about convenience and difficulty. The reasons why the two are often … Read more

Joomla vs. WordPress: which one should you choose?


Choosing a content management system (CMS) is an important decision that can have huge consequences for your website. Making this choice will be a very difficult decision for you as each CMS has its advantages and disadvantages. But there are two standout platforms that you can directly compare: Joomla vs WordPress. Both platforms are recognized … Read more