What is a Sitemap, How is it created

what is a sitemap

There is a huge misunderstanding about sitemaps. Many website owners, an HTML site in the site map ( sitemap ) After you create an XML sitemap thinks it necessary. Obviously, this is not the right approach. While having an XML sitemap is not essential for a website to function properly, it is recommended to have an XML sitemap on your website. Table … Read more

WooCommerce vs. Opencart


After finishing reading this article:”WooCommerce vs. OpenCart” ; You will learn the differences between WooCommerce and OpenCart, one of the most preferred systems in the world for e-commerce, “OpenCart or fast, WooCommerce? You will find an answer to the question and understand in detail the advantages and disadvantages of both systems. You will also be … Read more

What is AMP, what does it do?

AMP wordpress

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages – Accelerated Mobile Pages) can be defined as a “framework” developed by Google. AMP is designed for use in internet technologies and its main purpose is to provide convenience to users. The convenience it provides is that the websites load fast and the users do not get bored of waiting and turn to … Read more

What is better to build a website? Wix or WordPress?

In this article, we will examine Wix, the most popular WordPress CMS system, in detail, which you often see in internet ads and even TV ads. When you finish reading the article, “What system should I use to install my site? Wix or WordPress?” You can answer the question. Table of Contents What is Wix? … Read more