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The Magento content management system is an allied tool for e-commerce, as it is an open source CMS. This platform allows the construction of a website adapted to the needs of the developer. In addition, it makes it easy for people to have complete control over all the functions of the sales channel.

In addition, with Magento it is possible to manage the positioning and promotion strategies of the online shop. It is also perfect for organising the daily sales work and solving problems that arise with customers.

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What is Magento?

This is a CMS very similar to WordPress that has multiple tools to promote products and online shops. It is an open source content management system and has several features that allow users to control sales, payments and customers, as well as change the image of the website through multiple free templates.

What are the characteristics of Magento?

This tool is open source or open source, so it allows access to all users who require it and can be improved through the participation of developers.

  • It is a free platform, so it can be downloaded and installed on the server or hosting plan without any payment.
  • It is cross-platform, so it adapts perfectly to servers such as Windows, Linux and Unix that have PHP-MySQL installed.
  • It is multi-language, i.e. it offers dozens of translations so that users can create their online shop in their native language.
  • Magento has thousands of templates that allow you to customise the design of your shop free of charge.
  • It has free plugins to extend the platform’s native functionalities.
  • It allows you to manage products, because it has the ability to catalogue, classify, as well as register, delete and modify the items offered in the online shop.
  • It is able to manage the users who control the e-commerce portal.
  • It ensures the management of customers, their data and purchases.
  • It facilitates the configuration of online payments, such as Paypal, credit cards. It also manages offline payment such as bank drafts.
  • Processes and reflects the tracking of shipments through various modules that allow you to view the status of the purchase.
  • Ensures inventory control, so that companies can have real-time stock in the shop, as well as notify customers of available products.
  • Extends participation to customers through the evaluation of the purchase process or the product.
  • Integrates marketing tools to generate reports and purchase statistics.
  • It is perfect to encourage the purchase of items through attractive discounts and promotions.
  • Allows you to sell in different currencies, as well as apply taxes according to the needs of the online shop.
  • Configure and send newsletters to inform customers about promotions.

Advantages of Magento

  • It is the most powerful content management system for e-commerce, as it allows you to perform various actions related to the administration, management and promotion of an online shop.
  • It allows you to customise the website with the use of templates and modules that enhance the image of the website.
  • It works perfectly for large multinationals and companies that manage up to ten thousand products.
  • Integration with other business management platforms or ERPs to extend the functionality of the website.
  • It has an extraordinary loading speed, which guarantees excellent performance.
  • Guarantees a good SEO positioning, because it offers extensions and native solutions for the online shop to reach an important place in the Google search engine.
  • It has SSL Encryption: so it offers support for HTTPS natively.
  • Its mobile experience is perfect, because its themes and templates are responsive designs, that is, they adapt perfectly to mobile and fixed devices.

What businesses can be created with this platform?

With Magento there are multiple possibilities to create all kinds of e-commerce, such as clothing shops, electronics, sales of products of own manufacture and services of different types. Regardless of whether the business is large or small, national or international, this tool offers all the support and resources to develop a project on the Internet.

In addition, Magento has expert developers who have the ability to answer any questions or problems that arise with the online shop.

What does Magento offer if the inventory is very large?

This platform offers a manual inventory management system that allows you to control the stock easily and autonomously, however, when there are thousands of products available it can be a little difficult to control the process of input and output of items.

For this reason, Magento works hand in hand with other management systems such as SAGE, SAP, ORACLE or ePROMIS, which can solve any task together with the platform, thanks to a perfect synchrony, because it is designed to work with the best enterprise resource planners on the market.

In the logistics area, Magento is an e-commerce platform that can work seamlessly with companies such as MRW, SEUR and USP, which ensures that online shops are able to deliver the goods in the time agreed with the customer.

Magento offers a wide range of possibilities in terms of product presentation, allowing the integration of one or more photos of the product. In addition, it includes advanced dynamic zoom resources so that the customer can view the product in detail.

This platform also makes it easy to display the product in different colours or finishes. With Magento it is very easy to integrate the photos in the online shop and does not require resizing the images, since it adapts their resolution and self-adjusts their proportions.

Undoubtedly, Magento is an excellent tool for entrepreneurs who are just starting out in the field of e-commerce, as it offers them all the tools to stand out in the world of digital commerce. Moreover, it is a valuable resource not only to guarantee a good service to customers, but also to set you on the road to business success.

What’s more, it doesn’t require people to have extensive knowledge of online shop development. So it’s time to download Magento and have a great e-commerce partner.

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