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For WordPress, the world’s most widely used CMS content management system; Perhaps millions of developers around the world are designing dozens of new themes every day and presenting them to webmasters.

Searching for a free WordPress theme on the Internet for hours and not finding something useful has happened to almost every webmaster. Sites that want to get visitors with the search term “free WordPress themes” unfortunately create information pollution by entering even non-demonstration themes.

In this article, we will provide information on how to find a “premium free WordPress theme” and “free WordPress themes” currently posted to teach you how to fish and feed the fish.

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Free premium WordPress themes

When you search for “free WordPress premium theme” in Google (especially if you searched for images), sometimes the theme you like is free; it corresponds to the same percentage range as the probability of being hit by the numerical lottery. Because you usually like that fast and excellent design, work with few add-ons and an easy to use theme; It is sold by companies like Themeforest. It doesn’t make sense to sell anything that has already been worked on, developed and that fully meets your needs for free. Why would someone spend their time on you and coding themes without any benefit?

This is what Themeforest does. It allows you to use three different themes on your sites by publishing them for free as part of your public relations work each month. Free WordPress Theme Forest If you follow the page monthly, you can get three free premium WordPress themes each month.

In addition, developers who are members of many webmaster sites; distribute a limited number of free WordPress themes written by themselves for advertising and reference purposes.

Now that you’ve learned to fish, it’s time to fish for different flavors.

Free WordPress themes that come with the installation of WordPress

Install a WordPress script via FTP or via the hosting panel, especially if you do not delete it; Several for you by WordPress standard WordPress theme is given the option.

These themes are generally simple, quick but aesthetically inadequate. However, it is open source and compatible with almost all WordPress add-ons; it is still used because it has helped some developers. Developers often develop new designs by editing these standard themes.

Themes called Vantage, Twenty Eleven, Colormag, One Press, Twenty Twelve, Twenty Fifteen, Twenty Sixteen, Twenty Nineteen and Twenty Seventeen are just a few of them. Over four thousand free themes are available to users from the official WordPress site.

Free WordPress Corporate Themes

Although there are thousands of free theme options; corporate themes on the official WordPress site do not please the user. The main reason for this is that the design in free themes is simple and does not meet the aesthetic needs. However, we will examine some of the free corporate theme options that will not harm your company’s reputation.

WordPress Business Times theme

This theme produced and published by Prosys Themes;
Is compatible with all versions of WordPress after version 4.7. The theme, which has a headline area, promotional boxes and all similar features, has been updated regularly since its release. There is a link that belongs to the developer in the footer section, this link can be removed by you if you wish.

Business Times Demo …  Domain and hosting offer

Business Times

WordPress theme for businesses Amazica

This free WordPress theme developed by ThemeFarmer; is one of the most visually beautiful corporate themes. It contains many features of a premium WordPress theme with its elegant, clickable areas, aesthetic information boxes and changeable colours. It is suitable for all versions of WordPress 4.5 and above. ThemeFarmer is constantly updating it.

Amazica Business DemoDomain and hosting offer

Amazica Business

WordPress Tijarat business theme

Compatible with WordPress 7.2.14 and higher this theme coded by Themeseyes. The elegant title area, the menu position just above the title area, the part of the banner aesthetically placed below the title, the illustrated information boxes and many more features reflect the visuality of a premium theme. Although newly produced, Tijarat Business, which has been updated almost every 10 days, meets all the needs of a simple corporate website.

Tijarat Business Demo …. Domain and hosting offer

Tijarat Business

WordPress Rock Business Theme

This free WordPress theme from Creativthems; It is highlighted by the giant sliding area and the information boxes in the title. This theme, which opens very quickly and works more decisively than its equivalents; Works perfectly in WordPress 5.6 and later versions. The team of developers behind the theme continues to release new updates regularly.

Rock Business DemoHosting and Domain Offer

Rock Business

WordPress theme for construction companies

This theme was launched by the developer called Keonthemes; a commercial consultant from the same family as the theme named. In other words, he is the regulated Commercial Consultant for construction companies. For this theme, it would be very appropriate to say “WordPress Construction Company theme”. The theme updates are still in progress and the best ones work with WordPress versions higher than 4.7. In this theme, there is also a slider area and information boxes in the title.

Construction Business DemoHosting and Domain Offer

Business Consultr

WordPress Theme Renden eBussines

To use this theme, which is being developed by the ThinkUpThemes team, you need to install the WooCommerce add-on. In addition to the theme of elegance; it allows companies that offer services through the Internet to sell their services online. If you have WordPress 4.6 or higher; you can use this theme without any problem. However, we recommend that you use the most up-to-date version of WordPress to work seamlessly with the WooCommerce add-on.

Renden eBussines demo …. Hosting and Domain offer

Renden eBusiness

Free WordPress news site themes

Of course, it is also possible to create an almost perfect news site using WordPress. While it is impossible to build a 100% flawless site with free WordPress themes, it can be an excellent and economical start for those looking to enter the news site industry. We start with the five free WordPress news site themes we reviewed for you.

FreeNews WordPress News Site Theme

The FreeNews theme, which is the first theme we will examine and publish by the themespiral team; is actively used on over three thousand news sites and a new one is added to the sites that use it every day. This theme basically offers almost everything you would expect from a news website; it also allows you to edit fields such as the meta name and meta description with its built-in seo function. The version of WordPress you need to use must be 5.0 or higher.

FreeNews Demo …. Hosting and Domain Offer


WordPress Theme New Box Lite

This theme published by Noor Alam; New Box has a slightly improved version of the named theme and looks different from other news site themes with 3 news columns next to each other. This theme has no title on its home page; it is not compatible with popular title and slider plug-ins. Therefore, we do not recommend that you play with its design. However, if you have knowledge of CSS, you can create different designs. WordPress 5.5 or higher must be installed on your hosting domain.

New Box Lite demo …. Hosting and Domain Offer

News Box

WordPress theme Infinity News

Themeinwp team of the developer of Infinity News, a WordPress news theme ideal for publishing many news headlines from your site’s home page. This theme, which can add photos to news headlines, is used by over a thousand sites and is stable with WordPress 4.5 or higher.

Infinty News Demo….  Hosting and Domain Offer

Infinity News

WordPress News Portal Theme Mag

If you want to publish as much news as possible on the home page of your news site, but want to stand out more with news photos, we recommend you try the News Portal Mag news theme. Suitable for WordPress 4.0 and above The developer of this theme is Mystery Themes and the theme is used on over six hundred websites.

News Portal Mag Demo – …. Hosting and Domain Offer

News Portal Mag

WordPress e-commerce themes

Thanks to the WooCommerce add-on; you can add an online shop to your WordPress site or set up an e-commerce site from scratch. In this theme, you will find three different options for your search for a free and elegant e-commerce theme.

WordPress Stoready e-commerce theme



This elegant e-commerce theme came about as a result of the theme layout; a product of the ThemeEverest team. This theme, which is constantly updated and tries to provide the best experience to its user, is used by more than four hundred sites and can work with WordPress version 5.0 or higher.

Demo Stoready …. Hosting and Domain Offer


WordPress NewStore e-commerce theme

This topic, which we note that version 1.3.8 was in the air at the time this article was written and version 1.3.9 is in the testing phase; WordPress requires version 5.0 or higher. You also require PHP 7.0 or higher in your hosting domain. By allowing you to post photos of popular products in the “header” section, it allows you to provide visitors with a quality e-commerce site experience. In our opinion, the only drawback is that the category module is visually weak. But with a simple knowledge of CSS, this area can be edited. Over three thousand e-commerce sites prefer this theme. The team of developers for this theme is ThemeFarmer, the team of developers for the Amazica Business theme.

NewStore Demo …. Hosting and Domain Offer


WordPress Beauty Mart e-commerce theme

If you plan to sell products especially for women, we recommend that you try the Beauty Mart theme developed by codevibrant. Working with WordPress 4.5 and higher
This theme is preferred by more than five hundred sites. It has a very elegant appearance and its resource consumption is very low compared to equivalent themes.

Beauty Mart Demo ….Hosting and Domain Offer

Beauty Mart

In this article, we provide information about WordPress themes that you can get for free. You can find out more about the world of the Internet by continuing to check out our blog.

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