What is a Personal Blog? Who Can Start a Blog?

No one would have thought that the internet could be an important part of marketing, but it did. Likewise, no one could have imagined that the internet would be used as a means of expressing thoughts, but that also happened. In fact, personal blogs have become the most effective means of communicating thoughts. Over time it has evolved to be a great medium for sharing information and even expressing thoughts online.

So what exactly does personal blog mean, which the internet has made a form of communication ?
A personal blog is a type of website that focuses solely on written content. It’s a great resource for sharing information about experiences, feelings, thoughts, or even anything.

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Why You Should Open a Blog?

Blogging is basically sharing your knowledge with the world. If you want to express yourself online, choosing a topic you are passionate about makes the process of starting a successful blog much easier. As long as you write about the things you really care about, your passion catches people’s attention and you can inspire people reading you.

So why should you start a blog? Let’s look for the answer to this question step by step:

1. Making money from home

Blogging is a passive form of income. If you write a blog post properly and systematically , the work you do can be very lucrative. Take a look at the best blogs in the world and you will see that the owners of these blogs earn pretty well.

Well, if you ask how to make money by blogging, you can examine the examples below:

  • Affiliate marketing: You can earn commission every time a reader clicks on the site you recommend in your post or makes a purchase.
  • Banner ads: You can sell banner ad space on your blog to brands related to your readers.
  • Google Adsense: You can use an advertising network such as Google AdSense to sell your ad space on your behalf.
  • Sponsored content: Ads for brands in the form of a paid article or blog post.
  • Selling digital products: If you have a skill to offer, you can charge for ebook or video training.

2. Sharing your story

Blogging allows people to hear you. This way you can share your story with the world. For example, if you like to travel, you can share photos, provide information and advice about every location you go on your blog. In this way, you can help people who want to go to the same locations and be a source of inspiration for those who are curious about the places you go.

3.Recognized as an expert

If you make a successful blog idea a reality, it can give you recognition in your field. Many bloggers are known as experts because of their blog.

4. Being involved in a community

The essence of blogging is interaction. You write a blog post, people comment on it and somehow contact you. This is a great way to connect with people who are interested in the same things as you.

5. Improving writing ability

Starting a blog allows you to have a huge impact on your writing skills. If you haven’t written much before, it might seem strange and a little tiring at first. However, as you get used to writing, you will increase your speed, realize that everything gets easier, and develop a unique style.

6. Learning new skills

When you start blogging, you can do this for fun, but blogging helps you learn many new skills and abilities over time. These capabilities may include:

  • Design for WordPress
  • Best practices for SEO
  • Web graphics creation
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Content management
  • Website hosting

How to Start a Blog? 

There are five main steps you need to do to become a blogger and start a blog.

To briefly list these steps:

  1. Choose a blog platform that fits your needs
  2. Choose a web hosting for your blog
  3. Learn how to start a blog with your own domain name
  4. Design your blog
  5. Find useful resources to blog

1.Choose a blog platform that fits your needs

Choosing the platform you want to blog on is the first thing you should do. You can start blogging right away by choosing the right platform for you and your budget. But to get started, you have to choose from a variety of platforms, both paid and free. WordPress.com, Blogger, Tumblr and Typepad are free platforms; Weebly, WordPress.org, Wix, and Joomla are paid CMS platforms.

For example, if you choose one of the world’s largest blogging platforms like WordPress, you can enjoy many benefits.

Of course, WordPress isn’t your only option. Along with WordPress with over 82 million active users, you also have other popular alternatives.

These alternatives are:

Blogger: It is the next best platform after WordPress.

Tumblr: Half social network, half blog, Tumblr is an interesting and very simple to use platform.

The above alternatives are platforms that have a large number of users, but there are too many reasons to choose WordPress.

If we list some of these reasons:

  • It is extremely easy to install and free to use.
  • It has tons of free themes and plugins.
  • There is a huge support forum in case you run into any issues.
  • Your blog looks incredibly fast and functional.
  • People can easily interact with you, your content can be shared, commented, etc.

2.Choose a web hosting for your blog

Once you’ve decided on the choice of platform, the biggest decision you have to make before going further is the web hosting choice. In this step, you have to decide whether to pay for your blog or use a free host.

WordPress, Tumblr, and Blogger allow anyone to blog for free. However, this situation also has some downsides:

  • You cannot buy your own domain name

If you use a free blogging platform, your domain name will appear in the following ways:




  • There are too many restrictions

Free blogs have some limits. For example, you may not be able to upload all the videos and pictures you want to show public to these platforms, so most things are limited.

  • You can never be the real owner of your blog

If you are hosted on another platform’s web hosting, platform owners can delete your blog at any time. This means that all of your work on your blog and the countless hours you spend writing a blog post can be lost in seconds.

On the other hand, you can be the real owner of your blog with your own domain name and a web hosting provider of your choice.

3.Learn how to start a blog with your own domain name

Suppose you choose WordPress as your platform (if you haven’t, you’d better think about it). You bought the domain name and web hosting you liked.

Now it’s time to start the blog!

Most, if not all, domain and hosting companies have a “one click” WordPress installation solution in their admin panel. If you do not want to deal with any more technical tasks, please make sure you are working with a service provider that has a WordPress installation solution.

Once WordPress is installed on your website, all you have to do to start blogging is usually to go to your www.blogismi.com/wp-admin page and start writing new content.

It may seem confusing at first, but make sure you get used to it very quickly.

4. Design your blog

The difficult steps are over. Now we have come to one of the most enjoyable steps. To make your blog look exactly the way you want, you can go to Appearance> Themes and install a free WordPress theme or purchase a theme from a premium theme website like ThemeForest.net for an average of $ 40.

Free WordPress themes offer professional looking and easy to customize options. WordPress has a feature that allows you to change themes with just a few clicks. So if you start getting bored with your current blog template, you can switch to another template with any template without losing the content or picture.

5.Find useful resources to blog

It doesn’t matter whether you ‘re a beginner blogger or have blogged before. You will always need to learn more, improve yourself and manage to attract readers. For this, it is useful to improve yourself with different, useful and interesting resources.

Platforms where you can open a blog for free

If you are looking for free blogging platforms that will help you start sharing your content with people, we have listed the best blogger sites for you :

1. WordPress

WordPress.org is the most popular free blog site. We said it’s a free platform, but for a better, long-term strategy, you should pay a reasonable amount to the web hosting you use for your blog.

2. Wix

Wix is a completely free website builder. The main feature of this platform is that it comes with drag and drop options. In this way, you do not have to deal with any technical details. The design can be used by both beginners and advanced users.


Weebly is another website builder that you can use not only to blog but also to sell products or showcase your portfolio. It is a bit like Wix with drag and drop elements.

4. Medium

Medium is a multipurpose platform that anyone with an account that covers a variety of topics can write. Unlike many other free blog sites, Medium’s biggest advantage is that the platform is visited by 60 million readers per month.

5. Tumblr

Tumblr is one of the popular free blog sites. Unlike other platforms that are mostly created for written content, here mostly multimedia or social media-like content is used. Tumblr’s interface is more fun and easier to get started with.

6. Blogger 

Blogger is one of the oldest free blog sites, although its popularity has declined in recent years. It is a solid solution for personal blogs, but not the best resource for professional use. It works just like any other hosted platform. Before you can use it, you must create an account. After creating it, you can start writing by choosing one of the default themes.

What is the Difference Between Blog and Vlog?

Blog and vlog are two powerful communication tools that always challenge each other. To define these two concepts:

What is a blog?

It is a website where content is presented in the form of text or images.

What does a vlog mean?

Unlike blog, vlog offers video content rather than text content.

When it comes to popularity, a vlog has more audience than a blog. People like to watch videos more than read publications. Therefore, video content attracts more viewers than written content. As the videos are more engaging, it keeps viewers engaged. Watching more than 70,000 videos per second on Youtube supports all what we have said about the video.

Creating videos is much easier than writing content, especially for those who are not good at writing.

Things To Do To Become A Blogger

Before the things to do to become a blogger, ask ‘What is a blogger?’ Let’s start this section with the answer to the question.

Blogger is someone who regularly writes for an online magazine or website. .

Being a successful blogger may seem easy on the outside, but when it comes to action, it’s not as easy as it seems. You cannot become a successful blogger by just starting a blog or writing on a free platform. There are some things you need to do to be a successful blogger.

In this section, we will examine what needs to be done to become a blogger:

1. Having high-level writing skills

You can be a successful blogger if you have high-level writing skills. Good writing is the cornerstone of being a blogger. So your audience will increase depending on how good your writing skills are. If you are not good at writing; You should read more, follow the blogs of successful bloggers and improve yourself in writing.

2. Disciplined work

Just as every job requires discipline, a blogger should also work in discipline. If you want loyal readers, you should post on your blog regularly. If you don’t blog regularly, you will lose your readers.

3. Ready to learn

A blogger should always be ready to learn, read a lot of blogs to learn more. Often bloggers share their experiences so that others can learn from them. But to help you stay up to date with the latest information, you should always be ready to learn.

4. Working very hard

A blogger has to work day and night to come up with new ideas and then be active on all social networking sites to promote his blog. You’ll be more comfortable if you use your time wisely instead of stressing yourself out with too much work.

Topic Selection for Blog Contents

The topic you choose for your blog plays a vital role in your blog’s success. That’s why finding a blog topic takes time and requires serious consideration.

So, what should you pay attention to before choosing a topic for your blog content?

Here is the answer:

1. Find a subject you’re passionate about

When you write about a topic you’re passionate about, your blog will likely attract people with similar passions. Don’t worry too much about whether there are other blogs on your chosen topic because there is already a blog about everything. As long as you add information and your own style to your blog, you will definitely attract readers.

2. Find a topic you like to talk about.

When you choose a blog topic on a topic you already enjoy talking about, it’s easy to discuss it and interact with your readers.

3.Choose a topic that you feel comfortable discussing with others.

Many people with different opinions from all walks of life will visit your blog, and some of these people will not approve of everything you write. So don’t choose a topic that you would feel personally uncomfortable with talking to others. Choose a topic that allows you to write freely.

4. Choose a topic that is not too controversial.

Some topics are more likely to attract readers than others (especially political and religious issues). If you choose a controversial topic, be prepared to give your reasons and listen to the opinions of your readers.

5.Choose a topic you like to explore

For your blog to be successful, you should enjoy reading about the topic of your blog, keeping up with relevant news and current events. This way you can keep the content of your blog interesting and relevant to your readers.

We mentioned what you need to pay attention to before choosing a topic for your blog content.

Now is the blog topic selection.

There are blogs about almost anything imaginable, but if you still don’t know which topic to start your blog on, you can find the blog topic idea below to get you thinking about what to focus on.

  • Self-improvement
  • Health and Fitness
  • entrepreneurship
  • Healthy eating
  • Interior architecture
  • Photography
  • Life coaching
  • technology
  • Contact
  • Digital marketing
  • Sport
  • Love
  • Fashion
  • Mother – baby
  • Celebrities
  • Travel
  • Vehicle
  • Cinema
  • Art
  • Economy
  • Literature
  • football

Among the blog contents listed above , sports blogs , love blogs , fashion blogs , football blogs , movie blogs , literary blogs and economy blogs are among the most popular blog types.

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