What is better to build a website? Wix or WordPress?

In this article, we will examine Wix, the most popular WordPress CMS system, in detail, which you often see in internet ads and even TV ads. When you finish reading the article, “What system should I use to install my site? Wix or WordPress?” You can answer the question.

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What is Wix?

With the shortest expression, Wix; It is a website creation and publishing tool used by millions of sites around the world. You can set up your website for free in no time by simply dragging and dropping, without any coding knowledge.

Using Wix, it is possible to configure sites in many themes and sectors. With Wix, you can set up a personal blog, a corporate company site, or even a virtual store. HERE
You can see beautiful and inspiring sites created with Wix.

Is Wix Really Free?

First of all, we would like to point out that Wix is ​​not a 100% free system as you think. As we have said in our previous articles, “if there is a good service, but if there is no fee, you are probably the product”, such is the case of the Wix system. ALL free packages are available if you authorize advertising on your site.

After reading the above paragraph I said, “OMG what’s wrong with that? If they run ads, they don’t have money out of my pocket.” remember that; Most of the ads that will appear on your site will be from companies in your industry.. For example, if you set up a “house-to-house moving” site with Wix, you’ll probably have ads on your site about competing “house-to-house moving companies.” Imagine opening a market and erecting an advertising sign of another market twenty meters from your entrance… It is like this… Also, it is better to have an advertising sign right at the entrance of the market. There will be advertisements for your competitors in every aisle, even under every product. How seriously do you think your clients take you?

Domain usage on a site created with Wix

We also have bad news for entrepreneurs who say “My only competitor is Turkish Airlines” and think that “if the store next door is advertised on my site, it will not affect my sales. Quoted The domain addresses that you can use in free packages are in the format “xxxx.wix.com/siteadi”. To be specific, the phrase “search and find the street, the number is on the door” would be appropriate. Because nobody has the possibility to take this domain into account, not even to enter the browser correctly.

Of course, Wix thought about what we think and offered “low budget” website packages for sale for customers who do not want to advertise on their site and want to use their own domain address. We especially put the phrase “low budget” in quotes because the prices are on fire.

For example; You have to show ads even in the lowest package with a monthly payment of 10 TL, but you have to pay 120 TL per year.. Yes, you can use your own domain address in this package, but you have to run ads for the Wix platform.

The monthly payment for the smallest ad-free Wix package is TL 17.50. That is, 210 TL per year, it also has very low characteristics such as 2 GB of bandwidth and 3 GB of storage space. You should also remember that if you want to cancel your Wix membership next year, you cannot back up your site and publish it on a different platform, nor can you transfer your domain address to a different account. If it needs to be explained in the simplest terms, the phrase “be a slave with your money” will be correct.

Let’s say “okay, I’m willing to pay for Wix for life. As long as I have a system like a man, ”you said. You will own a site that only offers 20 GB of storage for 600 lira a year and does not belong to you for life. Also, it is a mystery how much you will pay for the renewal next year.

Ecommerce site with Wix

Of course, these are all sadly only valid prices for a normal website. If you want to create an e-commerce site and sell products, we must regret that the situation is even worse. What the product sells on e-commerce sites is undoubtedly visual material. Even the highest feature package you pay 900 TL per year for and it is unclear how much you will pay next year has 50GB of hosting space. So, don’t dream of “I add thousands of products, if I sell 10 of those products a day, that’s enough for me”. Because the platform in front does not offer us enough space to add thousands of products.. Also, since it doesn’t offer XML support, you don’t have the ability to pull products from popular vendors and “drop ship”.

Another disadvantage of setting up a virtual store is the compatibility with the payment system. Since Wix currently only supports foreign payment systems, although it advertises with the slogan “zero commission”, this slogan does not go beyond misleading the consumer. Because your customers who want to buy from the foreign payment systems they support; First of all, the card you use must be open to international business transactions. It is also impossible to add your own virtual pos to Wix, which is not compatible with popular payment systems in our country such as PayTR and IYZCO.

In short, even if you pay 900 lira a year, you cannot actually own an e-commerce site that fully meets your needs.

To underline the abstract of the abstract; Wix is ​​not actually a free system, even if you agree to pay a hefty amount, you cannot have a site that fully meets your needs and is completely yours.

What is WordPress?

We have repeatedly described WordPress, one of the most widely used open source CMS systems in the world, in our previous articles. To have detailed information, you can do a little navigation on our blog by writing “What is WordPress” at the top right of the site. But let’s talk about it briefly in this article.

WordPress; It is a 100% free web script that is constantly developed by tens of thousands of software developers around the world, publishes at least one update every month, you can transfer it to the hosting company you want, you can use any domain address you want . Also, it is very easy to access the themes and applications you want because there are many developers around the world.

You can set up a corporate site with WordPress as well as e-commerce sites. Also, when you want to set up an e-commerce site, you can get paid by installing free modules published by payment systems like PayTR and IYZCO on your sites in minutes. Or you can find paid or free versions of the virtual point of sale module of the bank you work with on the Internet.

Differences between Wix and WordPress

We look at the differences between Wix and WordPress to be more descriptive.

  • Wix; It’s getting into a rented car that will never belong to you. WordPress, on the other hand, is to have its own tool that allows it if you want to modify it.
  • Wix; It will be confined to the small one-square-meter room of a luxurious square drawn by its owner. WordPress, on the other hand, has a piece of land that can be erected in a plaza.
  • Wix is ​​the boss, you have to do it, go as far as it allows you. WordPress is the leader, it gives you a path and you go as far as you can on that path.
  • Wix; expensive, but cold when it’s cold, it’s a jacket that makes you sweat in the heat. WordPress is cheap, but it maintains body temperature in all climates.
  • Wix; part is like a delicate electronic device, expensive and difficult to master. WordPress is like a simple but always available device that any electronic technician can interfere with.
  • Wix gives you an aquarium, the fish that exist in it are yours. WordPress targets an ocean, as long as it improves, all the fish in the ocean are yours.
  • Wix; It is a mathematical question that seems easy at first, but cannot be solved while trying to solve it; in fact, all the answer choices are wrong. WordPress is the classic quiz that scores you even if you get back well.

We believe that the examples we have given are sufficient to explain the differences between Wix and WordPress. Once again, we would like to state that our goal is not to disparage one platform or glorify another. It is to show the best way to people who are only interested in the web world, who want to have their own site, who have not yet decided where to start.

We hope that as you enter the web world, “Wix or WordPress?” You have decided the question by reading this article. You can follow our blog to get all the basic and advanced information on web technologies, and you can read the topics that interest you by searching the site.

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