WooCommerce vs. Opencart

After finishing reading this article:”WooCommerce vs. OpenCart” ; You will learn the differences between WooCommerce and OpenCart, one of the most preferred systems in the world for e-commerce, “OpenCart or fast, WooCommerce? You will find an answer to the question and understand in detail the advantages and disadvantages of both systems. You will also be able to decide which e-commerce software is best for your e-commerce site that you plan to open or is currently open.

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What is WooCommerce? Development of the WooCommerce story

Definition: WooCommerce is a WordPress add-on that allows you to sell products and services from your WordPress based sites.

You couldn’t have heard of WordPress, the world-renowned content management system (CMS), by researching this article on the Internet and being intertwined with the web world enough to find it. However, if you want to update your WordPress related knowledge or learn something new; First, “What is WordPress? You can read the following article entitled “The World’s Most Used CMS System”.

As you know, WordPress; is a content management and publishing system set up for people without coding skills to publish blogs on the Internet. More precisely, it was the purpose of its first launch on the market on May 27th 2003. The years have passed and WordPress has become more popular than expected, reaching millions of amateur/professional level developers worldwide. Because it conquered the hearts of ordinary web users with its administration panel and software developers with its simplicity in coding.

As such, WordPress users; “Why do we only use WodPress for blog sites? They said, and began to make sites using this infrastructure responsive to all sectors. These efforts yielded results in a short time. Because WordPress; simply editing the theme area or developing simple software called “plugins”; could be used for hundreds of different purposes.

Then, “Why not create an e-commerce site with WordPress” and a group of developers launched the first “WordPress e-commerce add-on” called “Jigoshop”. But Jigoshop; as it could not work stably and could not show the expected success, it did not receive the necessary attention.

Then in 2011, James KOSTER and Mike JOLLEY launched the WordPress e-commerce add-on “WooCommerce”. In fact, these software developers were developing themes for WordPress at their company called WooThemes, and this add-on project could be a little bigger for the company. But WooCommerce has become so popular in the market that it has surpassed the one million active users just 4 years after its launch. In addition, there were giant companies in the market among these users.

In 2015, the California-based company Automattic, which made significant contributions to WordPress.e; announced that it has acquired the WooCommerce add-on and the company called WooThemes, which owns this add-on.

The plug-in, still developed by Automattic today, has already been downloaded by over 5 million sites. Of course, the number of downloads is not equal to the number of users. Because to use some WordPress themes, you must download WooCommerce even if you are not selling from your site. Regardless, it is estimated that over a million sites use WooCommerce.

Now that we have learned the historical development of WooCommerce and we are now intellectuals in terms of technology; we can go into technical details with the simplest expression possible.

In order to sell online through the WordPress site you published, you can use the “add new add-on” section in the administration panel or ESTA
You must install the WooCommerce add-on you got from the page. The installation of the add-on you downloaded is very simple. Following the instructions, you can complete the configuration in less than a minute.

After completing the installation, all you have to do is find the WooCommerce compatible WordPress theme that suits your industry and taste. When the installation process of the theme you want is complete; your WordPress blog may have become an attractive e-commerce site.

There are WordPress add-ons from many banks, payment institutions, shipping companies on the market. By purchasing these add-ons, you can provide the minimum infrastructure required for sales from your website.

What is OpenCart? Development of the OpenCart story

Definition: It is a free open source e-commerce software to publish an e-commerce site.

The OpenCart adventure in history involves a lot of intrigue and complexity. In addition, the date of coding predates the creation of WordPress. OpenCart was first coded in 1998 and launched in 1999. However, it was withdrawn from the market in 2000 due to a problem between the developer and the customer. As you can see from this explanation, the first OpenCart was not coded for free distribution.

The first version 1.1.1 of this e-commerce script, which began to be coded by another software developer in 2005, was released on February 10, 2009. This version is the first known stable version. However, at that time, the OpenCart project did not even have its own domain address. For this reason, the software Google Code Site owners who wanted to use the software downloaded this script through Google services.

OpenCart, which is the second stable version in 2014, launched its version 2.0; it is on the market with version at the time of writing. To get the latest version of OpenCart ESTA
Simply click on the link.

Advantages of WooCommerce

As we have explained in detail both e-commerce software, we can continue our article talking about the advantages of WooCommerce.

There are three things that make WooCommerce powerful. The first is the popularity of WordPress, for which it uses its infrastructure. The popularity of a software means that the number of software developers who provide coding services for that software is also high. This results in cheaper labor and software diversity. Because people who produce themes and plug-ins for WordPress have to reduce prices and encode more specific software to compete with each other. Since it is a WordPress e-commerce add-on used by millions of people in WooCommerce, it is possible to find software support for reasonable rates if needed. In addition, many useful add-ons are offered free of charge by volunteer developers. It is possible to find many paid modules, shipping modules, even shopping cart modules for free.

The second factor that makes WooCommerce powerful is that the CMS coding language (i.e. WordPress) it uses is PHP and its coding framework is simple. The basic coding command is sufficient to make simple edits to the theme and plug-in. Site owners can access millions of pages of visual expressions on the web to perform simple edits.

The last thing that makes WooCommerc powerful is that WordPress is free software. In addition, it does not charge any fees in WooCommerc for standard features.

To sum up; WooCommerce works with WordPress.

Disadvantages of WooCommerce

Of course, not everything is rosy on the WooCommerce side. With so many advantages, the add-on also has some disadvantages. In the final sentence of a main title, we said “WooCommerce gets its power from WordPress”. There is also the other side of the coin. So, all the disadvantages of WooCommerce are due to the use of the WordPress infrastructure.

First of all, the purpose of launching WordPress is to make blog sites work. Therefore using WordPress as an e-commerce site is similar to driving a passenger car from home. If you want to sell 5-10 products on your blog, WordPress will not cause you any problems. You even enjoy its advantages. But listing hundreds of products and expecting e-commerce performance with WordPress is unfortunate, but not a very realistic expectation.

To return to the example of the car; With your passenger car, it’s possible to take some chairs if you cancel the trinkets in your home, some packages or even the back seat. But if you want to move your bedroom, living room, dining room with this vehicle; it puts too much weight on the vehicle and makes it not work properly. In addition, you will have to go at a slower speed than you should.

As you can see in the paragraph written above, since the coding structure of WordPress is created for writing blogs, you can transfer it to the e-commerce site with WooCommerce and similar add-ons; it is not possible. Because it is not possible to provide many requirements, especially speed, which is essential for an e-commerce site, with WooCommerce.

We also have to state objectively that setting up an e-commerce site with WordPress is not as simple as writing a blog or a company site with WordPress. From the moment you want to turn your WordPress based blog into an e-commerce site, you should get basic training in coding.

Benefits of OpenCart

Let’s see the advantages of OpenCart, a free e-commerce software designed to create virtual shops. The first advantage; As you can see in the first sentence, it is a real e-commerce script. Even if you want to set up a blog site with OpenCart, you cannot achieve the results you want in terms of aesthetics and competition. The only job of this software is to create an e-commerce site.

The second advantage is that it is coded in PHP, just like WordPress, and has many developers around the world. You do not have to spend large budgets when you want to get a software service for OpenCart.

OpenCart’s administration interface is designed to be very simple and useful. Although it may seem complicated at first use, it can be easily learned after a short time. It can be optimized in terms of speed and the structure of the code can be edited for SEO work on the site.

Disadvantages of OpenCart

Of course, OpenCart also has many disadvantages. The first of these is the problem of compatibility of themes and add-ons between versions. For example; when OpenCart 3.x was released, those using 2.x versions could not yet upgrade to a higher version. Because the themes and plug-ins used in version 2.x must be organized according to version 3.x. These regulations also mean a waste of time and money.

Just as it is necessary to code a “WordPress add-on” to make WordPress more functional, it is necessary to code the “OpenCart module” and the “OpenCart modification” to make OpenCart functional. The number of people coding on OpenCart is also quite high. However, as the coding times are longer, the labor cost that you must assign to the software will also be higher. This is also a disadvantage.

Advice on e-commerce scripts

If you ask us, we do not recommend either of the two options described in this article for the e-commerce script. But if we have to choose between these two, we will choose OpenCart. At the very least, we will configure our site with software specially coded for e-commerce businesses.

If you want “advice on open source e-commerce scripts” from us; Magento we recommend Magento e-commerce software, which we explain in detail in the article about. But we must immediately state that using Magento; it is not as simple as using WooCommerce or OpenCart.

Now that you have finished reading our article, “WooCommerce or OpenCart? you have enough information to answer the question. You can learn all about web technology, which is impossible to stop developing, through our site.

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